St. Party’s Day.. Bicycle Bar Crawl

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I celebrated festivities this past Saturday with some of my best friends, familiar bars, and fun strangers. The day went just as well as you would expect any day to go that is filled with Irish Whiskey, grown men in green tutu’s, red solo cup shot glasses with strangers on a random porch, green jello shots, and Irish car bombs. If you were ever wondering what it was like to cycle through a small Iowa town on a beautiful Spring Day hitting up all the neighborhood taverns to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends and strangers, starting at Noon.. here ya go.






No photos were taken after Kelly O’Shea’s for obvious reasons. No drunk people were harmed in the making of this photographic journey….except for Lindsay, she fell through a giant hole in the picnic table when climbing on top of it for a photograph. She was a little bit harmed. She is okay.

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  1. So happy to share my red solo cup shot glasses with you and yours! Welcome anytime! #redsolocup #strangersonarandomporch #burlingtoniowa

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