Final Post: Keely: Osage Beach, Missouri

This is the 4th and final post for Keely’s senior portrait session. This last session was the “slice of life” part of the shoot. I started with some detail shots around her room to capture more detail of her amazing personality and character. The quotes, snapshots, bucket lists, valentines, artwork and little life souvenirs felt like I was going back in time to my own bedroom in High School. She also chose to include her family and best friend, Natalie, in the last part of the session. To say I enjoyed being the photographer for Keely’s senior photographs, is an understatement. Within two quick days, I felt I had known Keely for years. We bonded so easily over interesting discussion, common interests, and similar ideas for this shoot. Keely, you are a thriving soul with very big dreams ahead of you. I truly look forward to watching your future grow. And very much praise to your parents and family for raising such a wonderful person. Thank You to the McCann Family for the fantastic experience.








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