Jesse + Paige: Burlington, Iowa

I didn’t grow up in Burlington, Iowa. I moved here. I chose to relocate from Chicago. I grew up visiting Burlington because of my family I have here. I remember the first time my grandparents drove me around this town when I was still considering moving here or not. I fell in love in a very nostalgic artistic way. Burlington has two sides, just like almost everything else in life. As a photographer, I enjoy shooting my subjects in gorgeous landscapes, blooming flowers, historic neighborhoods and all around nice scenery. However, I LOVE “the underground” of Burlington. I wanted to move here when I saw the old industrial side, the massive and most of the time abandoned city buildings, the gritty and raw textures that cover the structures on every block.  The broken glass, the random graffiti, the weathered loading docks alongside a fantastic engaged couple and you will be left with some intense images. Add that with a sun setting, the most impressive tattoo/art studio that I have ever seen, and one of the best hole in the wall music venues for many miles and here we have an incredibly successful engagement shoot in the “real” Burlington, Iowa. In my opinion, the truly best parts of Burlington, Iowa and the reason I moved here.

This type of background imagery isn’t for every couple. I am thankful that my good friends Jesse + Paige trusted in my lead while going to each location.  Here are the final images to one of my favorite Burlington shoots yet. We had so much fun, and we aren’t done yet. Stay tuned at a later date for a “Slice of Life” shoot with Jesse + Paige.










Locations: Nine Dot Studio, Burlington, Iowa

The Washington, Burlington, Iowa

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