Tyler Trainor: Senior Portraits

You know that feeling, when you are a kid/teenager/almost an adult, and even older adults see you and say ” Omigod! I haven’t seen you since you were so little! Look how you have grown! It makes me feel so old!” ? … and you just stand there, smiling, awkward… because you don’t remember them. Well, I am now officially… that adult ūüôĀ ¬†This is Tyler Trainor… and I used to babysit him and his little sister when he was around 5 years old. When his mom asked me to take his senior portraits, it was a swift hit in the gut… and I say to myself “Wow, he is already a senior in High School?” And then…. when I show up to take the photos… and all those moments when you were once the young one.. suddenly vanish.. and you are now the older one.. the one making the awkward “Wow! look at how you have grown!” comments… and you just have to accept the fact that life is indeed moving forward very quickly and all you can do is try to keep running in the race. So here now, is Tyler Trainor. Not the 5 year old ¬†Tyler but the 18 year old, graduated from High School and plans on going on to serve our country in the military, Tyler Trainor. Best of Luck to you! Sincerely, a very in denial almost 30… but not quite yet… older adult.





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