Kori + Kyle + Baby Boy Yap: Bloomington, Illinois

Kori and I have been friends since the year of 1997. She is one of my very best friends and like a sister to me. Together, we have stayed up far too late squealing with laughter and mischief, vacationed near and far, found ourselves up to no good but right by each other’s side, reluctantly played the flute and trumpet in marching band, created chaos and joy in the years of cheerleading at camps and games, loved, lost, cried, argued, but most of all laughed. A lot of laughing, understanding and joy of pure friendship.

I will never forget the moment she told me she was pregnant. I was at the car wash and the cashier asked me if I was okay because of the look on my face when my partner in crime told me over the phone that our lives will never be the same and that she was pregnant with her first child. It was just a few days before she thought she just had the flu. We both had a moment of “Shit”.

And now, here we are. As much as I want time to just stop and pause all of the inevitable baby making happening around me… my heart is so full with joy to watch my dear friend become a mother. Her husband, Kyle, entered her life and made Kori’s already glowing nature that much brighter. It is a beautiful thing to watch one of your very best friends find their soul-mate. They truly define the quote “find someone that is just as weird as you are”

Baby Boy Yap arrives in just a few short weeks. He doesn’t know it yet but he is already a rock star in this world. He has two of the coolest parents, four especially cool grandparents, a princess big sister dog and an over-flowing amount of the best “Aunts and Uncles”.  More than anything, this baby is going to be so loved.

I love you so much my wonderful friends and my heart is already melting with love just going through these photos. To say you will make good parents is a vast understatement. Now, hurry up baby boy, we are all dying to meet you.


baby_yap-101 baby_yap-103


baby_yap-116 baby_yap-122

baby_yap-127 baby_yap-135 baby_yap-129





baby_yap-188 baby_yap-190 baby_yap-195


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