Brittany + Jeremie: Bettendorf, Iowa

Time to play blog catch up! I have been lucky enough to be able to spend the last 4 weeks traveling the world and therefore have slacked inside the virtual world of the blog.

Brittany + Jeremie were married in the Quad Cities in a little white chapel on a hill. The weather was a bit uncooperative, and the tornado sirens even went off during a few outside portraits. That didn’t stop any of us from getting as many outside shots as we could. The kids running around were adorable. The bride was beautiful. And the party lasted hours into the night. A little tornado weather didn’t stop anyone.




petty_mess-112 petty_mess-115








petty_mess-609 petty_mess-612 petty_mess-747 petty_mess-749I love this next photo. That is me and it was taken by Myles, the bride’s son, who ( I think) is about 5 years old! He watched me take photos all day, and helped me push the button and asked a ton of questions. By the very end of the night I could just hand my camera to him, he could point, focus and shoot by himself. I was so impressed with the little guy.


This wedding was a blast! Sign up for blog updates, instagram posts and facebook previews to stay tuned in to all the other weddings I have been shooting this summer! I just got back from shooting a wedding in Ireland! Talk about amazing.

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