August 2015: Roz first day of 1st Grade

I arrive to the Brown house at about 7:56 am. Tess is hiding in the laundry room corner bawling her eyes out. Not because Roz is leaving, but because she wants to start school today as well. Unfortunately, her day is tomorrow. Roz has her outfit and sparkly shoes all laid out in the living room. She is shining with a burst of confidence and independence that wasn’t there last year. She’s got this. Liz is being…. Liz. Somehow with two hands, she manages to cook pancakes, sausage, eggs, help Roz with her shoes on 3 different occasions (because we all know how those little ball things in the socks are super annoying), do Roz’s hair, get Knox dressed, and get Tess’s shoes on her while talking her out of a complete emotional meltdown.. for now. We get in the car and realize… we are 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Success. This year, daddy Brown couldn’t be there because he is off makin the bacon. However, he did not leave this morning without writing a few famous Jeff Brown words to his babies.

August 2015

Written by Jeff Brown to his children

“To my Roz,   I love you with all of my heart. I hope your first day of school is amazing as you are. Always remember that you are smart, beautiful and funny which means you can do anything. I am excited to see you when I get home.  Love, Daddy”

“Tess and Knox,   I love you too. You have to be really good for Mommy and give her a big hug after she drops off Roz at school. Tess, tomorrow is your big day! I know you are going to do great!   Love, Daddy”




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