Prequel: August 2014: Roz Brown: First Day of Kindergarten

Just in case you missed it last year, I got some insanely adorable/emotional photos of Roz Brown on her very first day of kindergarten. The morning was filled with a momma who was coping with letting her oldest go off to school, a distraught little sister who did not want to let her older sister go, and a nervous little girl who did not know what to expect.

One year later, and so much has changed. Today, I photographed Roz’s first day of 1st grade. However, today’s story just is not complete without going back a year ago to relive the moments. Here is last year’s first day of school moments and Liz Brown’s letter to her first born. Stay tuned, later today I will be posting the moments from this year.

August 2014

Written by Liz Brown to her daughter Roz Brown:

“To my roz….

This is it, the last night. I tear up now, so I won’t embarrass you tomorrow, and so I show you courage if you have signs of fear. I love you my baby girl. I cannot believe your first day of kindergarten is about 10 hours away. I want everyday of your sweet blissful youth back. I want to rewind and do it all again. All the sleepless nights included. I will be thinking of you every moment that you are not here with me. I hope you laugh, make friends, listen, and pray that you aren’t nervous. Mostly I want you to be your amazing, perfect, one in a million self! And know that I love you and will be patiently awaiting to pick you up at 3:30! Love you-mom”






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Revisiting these photographs tugs at my heart strings. These little people are growing so fast. So much has remained the same and yet so much has changed. Sign up for blog updates/follow on facebook to stay tuned for today’s first day of school shoot with the same exact precious faces. And tomorrow is the big day Tess has been waiting for. Nothing but smiles on her tomorrow (we hope) because she finally gets to be part of the first day of school fun.


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