Tess: 1st day of Pre-School

The moment so many of you are waiting for. A few days ago, my sassy little friend, Tess Brown, started her first long awaited day of pre-school.  I”ve posted many emotional photos of Tess in the midst of agony while her older sister went off to school and Tess obviously had trouble dealing with the pain of being left behind and not being able to join in all the fun that was going on without her. Gone are the tears from Tess and enter innocent glorious excitement. For weeks, Tess has had her first day of school outfit laid out and been reminding me that I was going to come and get photos of her getting ready. For her, this is the first day of the rest of her life and she is ready to go. Unlike her cautious and shy-at-first sister Roz, Tess proudly and confidently explained that she would like to go into the school all by herself. It’s a sad day for the rest of us to see the, shirtless, shoe-less, bright-eye bushy tailed, spunky little baby Tess grow up. However, she is a true reminder that we all should live life being excited for a new day where opportunity awaits. I have no doubt that she will remain just as spunky and bring joy into so many people’s lives, children and adults. Go do big things baby Tess!




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As Tess stood in line for pre-school, she knelt down to her little brother, Knox and said “It’s okay buddy, I have to go to school now but you will have lots of fun all day with Momma”

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