Diana + Curt: Washington, Illinois

I sprinted inside the reception tent inevitably splashing through all of the puddles along the way. I, luckily, had a huge rainbow umbrella in my trunk left by a friend weeks before. Once inside, soaking wet even with the shelter of an umbrella, I see the venue employees running shop vacs to suck up the water that is getting inside. Bummer. I fully expect a few people upset by this tragic party weather, but then I quickly  realize… everyone is happy. I knew Curt and Diana were great people when they didn’t let a drop of rain get them down. They showed zero stress. Here are a few of my favorite things from Diana and Curt’s wedding reception:

  1. They got married a week before at Fripp Island in South Carolina! I love travel, I love destination weddings and I love the beach. So, undoubtedly, I loved their wedding story and was so happy to continue their story by capturing their reception back home.
  2. I adored the color, decor and beach atmosphere they brought back with them to their party.
  3. The wedding video that was captured for them in South Carolina was amazing! One of the best wedding videos I have ever seen!
  4. The party. Everyone danced the night away and a few groomsmen in particular had me cracking up laughing by being the ultimate photo bombers.

Thank You Curt and Diana for letting me be a part of your day!! Here are some of my favorite photos! Enjoy!




vincent-112 vincent-105


vincent-236 vincent-237 vincent-239 vincent-242



vincent-291 vincent-297



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