Part One: Kristen + Chris: Wicklow Co. Ireland

This is the blog I have been waiting to write. I have traveled to many different states, counties, hillsides, cities, beaches and mountains  to capture weddings over the last 11 years. None of that has stood a chance to my experience at this wedding. I have had my ups and downs with my love for wedding photography. I have questioned and rediscovered my passion for it all throughout the years. I have captured weddings that I could see didn’t stand a chance and I have shot weddings so true that they create a bubble of love over every single person there. It can be a monotonous career but most of all … a magical one.

Ireland. If someone would have said to me when I was 18 that I would be photographing a wedding in Ireland by the time I was 29, I would not have believed it. I sound like I am 80 years old right now, but back then, I had no facebook, no instagram, and a very hodge podge website. It was all about the hard album portfolio and hustling it out to anyone that would look. It was about reading books and cold calling other random photographers asking “How do I use manual settings?”, “What equipment do you use?”, “How do I get my photographs to look like that?”. It was about doing weddings for damn near free on my Canon Rebel just to get experience. To this day, I am still not the photographer I want to be… but if you are a new photographer reading this, stay motivated and eager dear friend and one day you may be photographing weddings in Ireland too.

Here now is Part One of this enchanting story of Kristen + Chris. Stay updated through the blog and facebook to see all upcoming stories and photos behind this beautiful wedding.

Part One: Bridal shoot evening before the Wedding.

The quick story behind this pre-wedding bridal shoot is simply that Kristen had two dresses! She found this lovely dress in London only days before and they made it fit her like a glove that day for an unbeatable price. So, why not have two dresses? And why not do a fun shoot with that impromptu dress?


Kristen_Chris-144 Kristen_Chris-145

Kristen_Chris-155 Kristen_Chris-162 Kristen_Chris-168


Kristen_Chris-200 Kristen_Chris-202 Kristen_Chris-203

Kristen_Chris-216 Kristen_Chris-219 Kristen_Chris-220 Kristen_Chris-221

Kristen_Chris-233 Kristen_Chris-235 Kristen_Chris-240 Kristen_Chris-243 Kristen_Chris-249 Kristen_Chris-261 Kristen_Chris-263

Kristen_Chris-274 Kristen_Chris-270

I’m still having a hard time believing I was even there to take these photographs. Kristen, you make such a sweet gorgeous bride. This post is only the beginning of this amazing story. Sign up for blog updates and follow on facebook for more!


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