Part Two: Kristen + Chris: Co. Wicklow, Ireland

I met Kristen years ago back when we both lived in Morris, Illinois. I was a new photographer in that area and she asked me to take her senior photographs. I took her photos and we both went on our separate ways. Fast forward a few years, and I see Kristen post a photo of the “famous” Burlington, Iowa bridge on the 4th of July. I reached out to her because not everyone travels to Burlington for the holidays. Turns out, Kristen was in college at Iowa Wesleyan only 20 minutes away… small world. Another year goes by, and next thing you know, Kristen and her boyfriend both graduated college and moved to Burlington, Iowa for teaching jobs. I finally met up with her after all these years and over drinks and sushi we caught up on life events. She told me all about her wonderful London born boyfriend, Chris, and I eventually met him too. Fast forward almost another year (maybe not quite) and Kristen was calling me to set up an appointment for engagement photographs! Absolutely! Then, I heard through the Morris grapevine that one of the Lutz girls was getting married in Ireland. So, needless to say, I put my self promotion hat on and contacted her right away to shout at the top of my lungs (via text in all caps) “I WILL TRAVEL TO IRELAND TO SHOOT YOUR WEDDING!”. At that point, she hadn’t even considered the idea of someone going there from here. So, I put the bug in her and her family… and the rest is history.

A very special hug, kiss, and Thank You to Kristen, Chris and Mom & Dad Lutz for taking on the idea of having me come to Ireland with you to capture these memories.

Part Two: Getting Ready

As you can see by the first photo, it was a beautiful day! In fact, I had been in Ireland for 6 days before the wedding and this day was the absolute best weather of the entire trip. The temperature was mid 70’s, slight breeze, and fluffy clouds with in and out sunshine. Everyone was joyful and relaxed. Happy tears were pouring as relatives were arriving, the guys took a morning hike, champagne was floating around and little British kids were being adorable little British kids. (If you missed me saying it earlier, Chris is from London so naturally all of his family and friends were in from England with their magical accents)





Kristen_Chris-294 Kristen_Chris-296


Kristen_Chris-333 Kristen_Chris-335 Kristen_Chris-345






Kristen_Chris-410 Kristen_Chris-417

You are going to see a lot of that adorable little red head. What you can’t see in the photos is her insanely cute British accent. She was like a tiny little queen in training. Up next is the ceremony with a breathtaking view. Stay updated through the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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