Melissa + Adam: Verona, Illinois

A tender, simple, country-chic wedding at the parents of the Bride’s home and the farm where she grew up. The day could not have been more beautiful. The temperature was surprisingly perfect for a mid day August wedding. The ceremony was set against a gorgeous farm backdrop underneath tall trees. The massive shed was being perfected by the wedding planner complete with beautiful Pinterest-perfect country-chic decor. A wonderful small pond with a lit fountain in the middle, a 6-person golf cart-chauffeur driving guests to destinations, sunflowers at every turn and a full bar ready to serve are just a few things that made this day complete.

Melissa grew up on this farm, she was raised with the love of animals, she grew up to work in the Agriculture Industry, and she drives an impressive pick-up truck. Melissa is the type of girl who’s beauty is admirable. She was a stunning bride there is no denying it, but most importantly, her radiance shines through from her kind, sweet, tender, outwardly loving character. To sum it up, she was a smokin’ hot, farm girl Bride who was not afraid to get her boots dirty for some amazing photographs. And with Adam by her side, it was like two puzzle pieces fitting together. Melissa and Adam are the couple that don’t talk too much, but they don’t need too. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and are such a loving example of what it means to be a couple meant to be. I am truly thankful I was able to capture this magnificent day for them.

Part One: Getting Ready. Melissa and her Bridesmaids all got ready in the beautiful home where Melissa grew up. The atmosphere was busy and joyful. The lighting was so perfectly dramatic as she put on her dress in her childhood room.




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Part Two: Pre-Ceremony Portraits


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Part Three: Ceremony: The ceremony was set against a perfect country backdrop with simple details and charm.

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Part Four: Family Portraits

Part Five: Location Portraits: We set out in two pickup trucks to venture to spots around the farm where Melissa grew up. These are spots where she literally dreamed of one day having her wedding photos at. Thick pastures, old barns, tractors, corn and beans. I love country weddings:)Bell-576

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Bell-649 Bell-654 Bell-659 Bell-663 Bell-669 Bell-673 Bell-680 Bell-683 Bell-685


Part Six: Reception: It took a small village to set up this farm shed to be a wedding reception but it was so worth it.




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I finished up the night with walking around the property and capturing sunset shots. It was a great time to take in the fresh country air and stars and feel so grateful that this is my job!



Everything about this wedding was so wonderful! Thank You to Melissa and Adam and both families for inviting me to capture such a lovely day!

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