Annie + Marcos: Burlington, Iowa

A bird pooped on her head during this shoot. I repeat, a bird pooped on Annie’s head right during the middle of the shoot and she did not lose it. I knew right then I liked Annie and Marcos. When a girl can laugh at that during her engagement shoot, that means you are a really cool girl. Thank You to Erykah for helping out with the shoot and getting some awesome “behind the scenes” shots. Annie and Marcos are getting married on New Year’s Eve this year and I can’t wait to capture the inevitable fun.


Larson-106 Larson-109 Larson-111 Larson-114

Larson-134 Larson-135

Larson-143 Larson-146

Larson-160 Larson-167 Larson-175 Larson-180 Larson-189 Larson-201 Larson-207

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