Kristin + Camden: Monticello, Illinois

It’s hard for me to explain just how much I loved this location. I am always willing and excited to try new spots when my client’s suggest them. When Kristin brought up the idea of Robert Allerton Park in Monticello, Illinois, I said “Sure! Sounds good!”. I have to admit I didn’t do any research before hand. I always like the challenge of showing up to an unknown location with a virgin view. Well, 3 hour drive later , a few back country roads and GPS had me entering a world that is a photographer’s dream come true and in no way appeared like it was supposed to be in Illinois. This was an estate like I have only seen in… well, in Ireland. It was like a wonderful outdoor world filled with manicured landscaping, impeccable architecture, vast sunken gardens, wrought iron gates, wooden bridges, fields of fluffy Bokeh wonder, rows upon rows of  perfectly groomed soaring hedges and I didn’t even have enough sunlight to see all of it! I felt like Dorothy entering the World of Oz. I don’t know who you are Robert Allerton, but I like what you have done with the place. trezise-101

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trezise-179 trezise-182 trezise-185 trezise-190 trezise-194 trezise-201 trezise-203 trezise-207 trezise-211 trezise-217 trezise-219 trezise-223 trezise-227 trezise-231 trezise-236 trezise-237 trezise-240 trezise-242 trezise-244 trezise-245 trezise-249 trezise-250 trezise-252 trezise-254Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Kristin + Cam for leading me to my new favorite spot in Illinois and being so much fun during this shoot!

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