Wickman Family: Pontiac, Illinois

One of my favorite stories to tell is that one time I tackled a 5’10” 230lb grown man. For some reason I don’t remember now (Most likely under the influence of a few Captain Morgan…ok, most definitely under the influence of Captain Morgan) I saw my good friend, Dave, standing by himself minding his own business not paying any attention to me across the room. I decided that I wanted to tackle him like a WWE wrestler. So, I did. Poor Dave never saw it coming, but from that moment on, the big gentle giant that he is… always watches from the corner of his eye fearful of 5’1″ feisty drunk girls tackling him to the ground. Sorry Dave.

This is Dave Wickman and his awesome family and my great friends! There are so many fun loving stories with them that I would never have the time to tell them all. Love you guys and Miss you all the time!


wickman-125 wickman-128 wickman-132 wickman-140 wickman-158 wickman-122

wickman-162 wickman-169 wickman-182 wickman-189 wickman-191 wickman-193 wickman-200 wickman-205 wickman-212

As you can see Dave LOVES having his photo taken!!

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