Leahy Family: Bloomington, Illinois

This family is so adorable! I love so many of these photos it was hard to choose just a handful. Getting real moments at a family shoot is sometimes a difficult task. Asking the kids to run around and forget they are having their photo taken is when I capture the shots that are really precious. This shoot is a great example of just that. Thank You Leahy Family for having me capture your 2015!



leahy-124 leahy-135


leahy-147 leahy-149



leahy-174 leahy-179 leahy-182 leahy-188

leahy-199 leahy-204 leahy-208 leahy-214

leahy-228 leahy-243 leahy-245 leahy-252 leahy-254 leahy-263

leahy-274 leahy-276 leahy-281 leahy-283

So much LOVE!

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