Slice of Life with Kelly Family: Pontiac, Illinois

It is shoots like this that reaffirm what I already know, that I absolutely love photography. The moments in this Slice of Life shoot are so tender, awesome and priceless that you will fall in love with this family even if you have no idea who they are. They happen to be my very good friends, Paul, Alison, Owen and Lydia. I am so very honored to capture this time in your life for you and I enjoyed every single second of the shoot and going through the photos. Time goes by so fast and I am blessed to be able to keep up with old friends through the art of photography and helping them capture their growing lives.

Thank You Kelly Family for inviting me to your home for this shoot.


Kelly-106 Kelly-108 Kelly-110 Kelly-113 Kelly-114

Kelly-123 Kelly-124 Kelly-126 Kelly-130 Kelly-134 Kelly-139 Kelly-151 Kelly-155 Kelly-157 Kelly-167

Kelly-168 Kelly-170

Kelly-176 Kelly-178 Kelly-180 Kelly-184 Kelly-186 Kelly-188 Kelly-191 Kelly-194

Kelly-197 Kelly-202 Kelly-205 Kelly-209 Kelly-214 Kelly-215 Kelly-223 Kelly-226 Kelly-227 Kelly-228

Kelly-243 Kelly-253

Kelly-260 Kelly-261 Kelly-262

Kelly-270 Kelly-273 Kelly-276 Kelly-280 Kelly-281 Kelly-287 Kelly-289 Kelly-297 Kelly-303 Kelly-306 Kelly-312 Kelly-315 Kelly-319 Kelly-320 Kelly-324 Kelly-331 Kelly-339 Kelly-343 Kelly-346 Kelly-353 Kelly-370 Kelly-372 Kelly-373 Kelly-375 Kelly-382 Kelly-385 Kelly-388 Kelly-390 Kelly-395 Kelly-398 Kelly-407 Kelly-410 Kelly-414 Kelly-422 Kelly-431 Kelly-434 Kelly-435 Kelly-452 Kelly-461 Kelly-467 Kelly-468 Kelly-475 Kelly-483 Kelly-500 Kelly-506 Kelly-517

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