Nikki: Winter Portraits: Burlington, Iowa

As much as I absolutely LOVE slowing down in the winter, a time where I get to hibernate into my cozy apartment, drink coffee and regroup my creative ideas for the new year… I also LOVE doing shoots for fun with friends. My amazing friend, Nikki, was up for the very cold sunrise shoot challenge. I do a lot of sunset shoots but really want to challenge myself this year to do more sunrise shoots. My goal for this was to experiment with the sunrise and capture a session with a more artistic edge. Nikki is always up for photographic adventures and we had a cold but fun morning on the icy Mississippi.


Nikki-131 Nikki-139

Nikki-152 Nikki-157 Nikki-160 Nikki-166 Nikki-162

Nikki-180 Nikki-169 Nikki-171 Nikki-190

Nikki-201 Nikki-207 Nikki-209 Nikki-216 Nikki-220 Nikki-229 Nikki-234


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