Annie + Marcos: Burlington, Iowa

This NYE wedding was such perfect fun. What better idea than to have all of your friends and family come together on a major holiday and life event? An excuse to party twice as big in one evening. Annie + Marcos’s wedding was exactly that.

My heart strings were pulled as soon as we got to the first look. As Annie walked in behind Marcos, I told him to turn around to see his bride and a few simple tears fell down his cheeks. They are such a kind, sweet, fun loving couple who burst with a love that only two best friends can have.

The ambiance was full of a Great Gatsby / Art Deco theme with sparkly dresses, black suits, feathers, crystals and NYE horns and hats waiting for the Midnight hour to arrive.

Nobody held back at this party and the floor was packed full with wild dancing, flowing drinks and enthusiastic crowds that knew every single word to every single 90’s party, rap and pop song.

As the “ball dropped” the entire room filled with spilling champagne as couples kissed and everyone cheered. It was such a fantastic way to end the evening shooting Annie + Marcos wedding day but also wrapping up an unforgettable 2015 for myself.







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It may be January 27, 2016 but finishing up this wedding was a 2015 WRAP for me! Next Up: A beach wedding in Cancun Mexico at the end of February! I am also working on big changes to the website and blog this winter so stay updated by signing up for the blog and following on Facebook and Instagram.

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