Royalton Riviera Cancun Wedding: Mattie + Danny: Pt. 2

Right after the wedding ceremony, I gathered the family together to get some quick group shots. It was perfect timing as the sun was just about to set. I couldn’t have asked for better light and color. The horizon, the sand and the colors in the dresses were all delightfully combined to make a palette of wonder. These beach portraits are my favorites of the day.

Then…. came the party. Like… huge… party… with abundant tequila, wild dance moves and colorful lights. The night was complete with everyone raving about the insane custom dance playlist made by the Groom himself. And I am not kidding when I say that the dance floor was literally breaking. Forgive me now for posting too many of these dance floor photos. They are priceless.

Part 2





Beach Portraits


Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-522 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-528 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-534 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-536 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-545 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-551 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-565 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-569 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-573 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-577 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-583 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-588 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-591 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-598 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-601 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-609 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-615 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-617

And the Party






Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-1139 Brandy_Swartz_Photography_Horwitch-1142

There is actually more coming from this spectacular wedding week! A few days after the wedding Me, Mattie and Danny got together to do a “Dressed Down” shoot that was soooooooo good. The photos are the BEST. Mattie had no voice, but no voice was needed!

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