Beach Portraits: Dress Down Shoot with Mattie + Danny: Mexico

I am both excited and sad to say the last of the Riviera Royalton Cancun, Mexico photographs are all finished! This last set of photos were taken a few days after the wedding around sunset on the beach. A hair down, no jacket, no shoes relaxed look with the wind helping create some stunning shots. Here are some of my favorites from the “dress down” shoot with Mattie + Danny. When you two decide to renew your vows in the same fashion.. count me in! Thank You for having me!





Horwitch_2_-157 Horwitch_2_-162 Horwitch_2_-171 Horwitch_2_-179 Horwitch_2_-174 Horwitch_2_-186 Horwitch_2_-189 Horwitch_2_-188

Horwitch_2_-195 Horwitch_2_-204 Horwitch_2_-208 Horwitch_2_-211 Horwitch_2_-215 Horwitch_2_-221 Horwitch_2_-223 Horwitch_2_-227 Horwitch_2_-238 Horwitch_2_-242 Horwitch_2_-252

This was the best way to start out my 2016 Wedding Season. However, spring is here and weddings are creeping up on me! 26 weddings left for 2016 !! Follow on Facebook and Instagram to see all of the LOVE.

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