Jun’s 1 year Pow Wow: Austin, Texas

Walking into Jun’s 1st birthday party was a whirlwind of joy, celebration and love. The gorgeous Austin Texas home was filled with friends laughing and little ones running everywhere. This one year birthday party was Indian themed and oozing with cuteness. There were teepees, face painting, feather headbands, tacos and Titos… a combination perfectly fit for the excited kids and laughing adults.

Thank You to the Aseron Family for having me capture this miracle milestone in your lives. My heart was full for you and I hope these photos make you laugh and smile.


Aseron-105 Aseron-110 Aseron-111 Aseron-113 Aseron-115 Aseron-117 Aseron-120

Aseron-125 Aseron-127 Aseron-132

Aseron-143 Aseron-144 Aseron-146 Aseron-149 Aseron-151 Aseron-152 Aseron-159 Aseron-162 Aseron-163 Aseron-167 Aseron-168 Aseron-173 Aseron-177 Aseron-179 Aseron-181 Aseron-184 Aseron-187 Aseron-193 Aseron-194 Aseron-201 Aseron-202 Aseron-209 Aseron-211 Aseron-216

Aseron-222 Aseron-229 Aseron-234 Aseron-239 Aseron-252 Aseron-255 Aseron-263 Aseron-267

Aseron-274 Aseron-282 Aseron-284 Aseron-286 Aseron-289 Aseron-290 Aseron-293 Aseron-298 Aseron-308 Aseron-318 Aseron-319 Aseron-324 Aseron-328 Aseron-329

Aseron-338 Aseron-340 Aseron-343 Aseron-346

Aseron-350 Aseron-353 Aseron-356 Aseron-359 Aseron-363 Aseron-366 Aseron-372 Aseron-374 Aseron-392 Aseron-394 Aseron-397 Aseron-399 Aseron-402

Spring Portraits are in the air! Stay updated on Facebook and Instagram for all of my travels and portraits from all over the Midwest! Another Texas birthday party coming up soon! Cowgirl Style.



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