Sheriff Sunshine: 3rd Birthday: Austin, Texas

A little girl near and dear to my heart! My best friend’s young’n turned 3 while I was in Austin, Texas and we had a Sheriff Sunshine party. I’m so honored to be able to watch this little girl grow up and capture these moments for her. She is a wonder of big personality, beauty, charm and a little bit of leftover face paint from Jun’s Pow Wow party the day before! ( See previous post for the Pow Wow party)

Sheriff Sunshine’s Cowgirl Party

3rd Bday_Sunshine-101


3rd Bday_Sunshine-111

3rd Bday_Sunshine-107

3rd Bday_Sunshine-110

3rd Bday_Sunshine-112

3rd Bday_Sunshine-117

3rd Bday_Sunshine-127

3rd Bday_Sunshine-123

3rd Bday_Sunshine-128

3rd Bday_Sunshine-130

3rd Bday_Sunshine-133

3rd Bday_Sunshine-135

3rd Bday_Sunshine-139

3rd Bday_Sunshine-140

3rd Bday_Sunshine-142

3rd Bday_Sunshine-143

3rd Bday_Sunshine-144

3rd Bday_Sunshine-146

3rd Bday_Sunshine-147

3rd Bday_Sunshine-153

3rd Bday_Sunshine-160

3rd Bday_Sunshine-164

3rd Bday_Sunshine-165

3rd Bday_Sunshine-166

3rd Bday_Sunshine-168

3rd Bday_Sunshine-174

3rd Bday_Sunshine-177

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