My Favorite Things: This has changed my photography lovin’ life



It is May 5th and I am starting to feel the chaos brewing… the weekends sleeping in spare rooms and couches, the back-to-back every 1/2 an hour photo sessions, traveling to 5-10 different towns in 3 days, the full pages of my date book and the ENDLESS EDITING. However, this year is the very first year that I have decided to let go. Let go of the shackles of my computer and Lightroom. I made the choice to let go of control in editing my photographs… and my life has changed FOREVER. I am asking myself… WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO MAKE THE SWITCH!?

Well… control. An evil word. I like control over my images, who doesn’t? But, I also like to spend my days and nights NOT staring into a computer screen for 8-10 straight hours deleting, adjusting, cropping, making wrinkles and blemishes vanish into thin air. I would rather spend time with the people I love, get outside to explore, bungee jump off tall bridges, drink even more coffee, laugh at my Grandparents as they chase and yell at their little wiener dog and write blogs like this that help out other photographers…. Where do I find that time?   Enter…. Photographer’s Edit.

I won’t go into the long list of reasons why they rock… just take my word for it, visit their site and give it a go. Why they work for me? I feel like I have met an editing angel that is here to make my life easier and it feels wonderful. They are precise, affordable, quick, easy and now my world is a happier place.I felt it was my duty to put it out there, so there ya go. If you are a photographer feeling the struggle of the computer glare burning into your skin…. you must switch over. The grass truly is greener on the other side.

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