My Favorite Things: I squeal with delight when this arrives in the mail.

My Favorite Things: AGLOW Magazine


I arrived home last night from a long work/play weekend in Chicago. I captured my first Assyrian ceremony, a few beautiful engagements and ended on Sunday night with a sunset family shoot. However, one cannot go to Chicago without going out in Chicago. Work always comes first but I also had to include some amazing Italian food, dancing at B.L.U.E.S on Halsted, a concert at Park West, and chocolate chip pancakes at 4am. After a long drive back to Iowa, my hands full of shopping bags, suitcase, camera bag and purse.. I arrived home to see my mailbox stuffed with my favorite mail ever!

My quarterly subscription to AGLOW Magazine!


This wonderfully put together gem of literature is crafted specifically for creative people out there doing there thing. It is jam packed with knowledge, inspiration, guidelines and recommendations. Its content is not only mind expanding… the “magazine” itself is a wonder of detailed design and quality from cover to cover.



If you are a creative, please indulge in AGLOW Magazine and soak up the enlightened appreciation that will surely come from it.

And here is a photo of my dog because he was just being adorably sleepy on this Monday morning.


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