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My favorite Things: Growth

I am 30 years old this year. I look back on the last 12 years I have been a professional photographer and just one of the many reasons I am eternally grateful is I always had a strong instinct of when to remain still and when to grow. I am not a professional business person. I watch Shark Tank with admiration and try to live up to the words of wisdom through Entrepreneur Magazine. I have always known that I love photography but the skill and business portion did not come with ease, but, instead, a lot of mistakes, hustle, embarrassing moments and nervous Q & A with other admirable photographers.

When it came to growing each year, setting my “bar”, pricing, and packages… something always remained the same. I knew to be fair. I never underestimated or overestimated myself. Only I knew how much effort, passion, time, travel and energy I put into each and every photo shoot. Only I knew how much I was worth. There are plenty of equations that confuse my brain explaining in detail how exactly to prepare your final prices. I do recommend this route but if you are like me, you will need assistance from a smarty pants spreadsheet person. But, even after Excel shows you the final numbers, you are still pricing the value of your growth. It is an enlightening thing to know when to grow and when to wait.

So, when it comes time each year, to reevaluate my pricing and packages. I go back to the same question… am I being fair? Am I being fair to my potential clients? Am I being fair to myself? Am I being fair to the career I have created?

Here now are examples of images from my very first wedding in 2004 and recent weddings// Brace Yourself:


So, with that said, I am announcing that on July 1, 2016, I will be rolling out all new wedding packages and pricing. After one year of research and sampling, I am extremely excited to offer the best products in the photography industry today. Absolutely top notch museum quality fine art prints, albums only made for proven professional photographers, prints and canvases from a nationally recognized photography lab, high-end professional editing, faster than ever turnaround times, the option of superb second shooters, password protected personal gallery links with shopping cart, custom USB drives and so much more. My continued goal is to give my clients superior imagery, product and customer service and to be able to do just that, I need to keep on growing.

In the words of Eric Clapton: 

‘Cause time is gonna change us, Lord, and I know it’s true
Our love is gonna keep on glowing and growing and it’s all we gotta do

Keep on growing, keep on growing”

I am booking 2017 weddings now.

All bookings before July 1 will be the current pricing.

Any bookings after July 1 will be the new pricing. 


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