Laid-back Country Engagement: Katie + Chance: Funks Grove Park, Illinois

This gorgeous day was a few weeks ago with Katie and Chance at historic park, Funks Grove outside of Bloomington, Illinois. This is another one of those sessions where I ask myself how is it possible time goes so fast? I used to babysit Katie a long time ago, and now she is engaged to be married! I am so excited to capture her wedding this year!

Katie and Chance met through mutual friends. Katie’s best friend and Chance’s best friend were married which played a large part in their initial introduction. Through the power of social media, their conversations and interaction grew. Chance convinced Katie one night that he was interested in another girl named, Charlotte and was taking Charlotte to the local bar to meet up with Katie. After Katie had realized that “Charlotte” was just his motorcycle, they ended up being inseparable from that night on.

Chance crafted his proposal with the help of their dog. Katie was getting ready for a company Christmas party, and Chance bugged her to stop what she was doing and come in the other room to see their beloved pet’s new trick. After some nudging, Katie finally made her way to the other room to find a sign around the dog’s neck saying, “Can we all be Dicks”… Chance’s last name being Dicks.

Katie and Chance are getting married at Engelbrecht Farm in Paxton, Illinois. Their goal is to have Midwest Country theme wedding with a very laid-back energy.

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