Lincoln Park and North Avenue Engagement: Love Story in the City with Meghan + Derek: Chicago, Illinois

My heart skips a beat when I get to head back to my favorite city to shoot. This time I am with Meghan and Derek right before sunset in Lincoln Park and North Avenue in Chicago.  Meghan and Derek chose the path on the lakefront that they frequent on runs and bike rides. There is so much to work with in the city, that allows me to spread my artistic wings that make me glow with delight.

Another thing I love… my amazing clients and their stories. Meghan and Derek have been dating for 14 years and engaged for 5! Not your “typical” engagement but I have a soft spot for couples who like to take the long road. Chicago is their home but they spent a few years in Australia and together they have traveled the world. They grew up together and went to the same Jr. High School but didn’t actually get to know each other until college years. They met at Evan’s Scholar House and tried to exchange phone numbers but Derek didn’t own a cell phone. Meghan left the house, told him where she would be and within an hour Derek was there.

The proposal from Meghan’s words, “Derek and I were moving out of our apartment to move into a new house. We had a night of packing ahead but Derek wanted to have dinner out before beginning. When we got back by our place he wanted to go take a walk by the new house. When we started walking over there we were by a beautiful church and he proposed right there with the ring that was so special to me. The ring that belonged to my Grandmother, who was so special to me. We were so happy walking back to our place. I thought we had a night full of packing and was so excited to call everyone. When we got back to our building and got in the elevator I didn’t realize he pressed the button to the rooftop and there on the roof was all our family and friends waiting to celebrate with us. Derek had planned the best surprise party with a band playing one of my favorite songs as we entered, summer shandy (my favorite beer) in a keg and a beautiful Chicago night. It was such a great night celebrating with everyone. My favorite detail not everyone knows is that the beautiful church where he proposed, I get to see every morning and it always reminds me of the amazing proposal.”

Meghan and Derek are getting married in just a few short weeks in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and I am thrilled to be able to join them in the fun!

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Locations: Lincoln Park Zoo and North Avenue Lakefront

Dress: Francescas

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