Knox’s First Day of School: Brown Kids

I couldn’t believe it when I realized this is year 4 of the Brown Kids’ starting school. If you haven’t seen the last three years, check them out here:

2014: Year One// Roz: Kindergarten

2015: Year Two// Roz: First Grade

2015: Year Two// Tess: Pre-School

2016: Year Three// Roz: Second Grade, Tess: Kindergarten

This is the year we thought would never arrive… the baby of the Brown Family, Knox’s, first year of pre-school. The day when life changes drastically for Liz Brown knowing she now has a few hours a week to herself because they are all in school. A bittersweet day with tears of realization that life moves so so so fast. This is the year that both girls are now accustomed to getting themselves ready, checking their lunch packs and no longer need anyone to walk them to the door because they are out of the car and running towards their friends in the blink of an eye. This is a year where Roz is now strutting around confidently in heeled boots, and Tess has streaks of color through her hair that represent her personality perfectly. The year that Knox strides up to the school with no fear and jumps right into the crowd of older kids like he’s been doing it for years but still hangs on to Liz the last few minutes to comfort her nerves. This is the year that the family is staying with Liz’s parents while they patiently (maybe not so patiently) wait for their new home renovation to finish. This is the year that the always hard working Jeff has a new job but still takes off the day to be there while his kids start school. A year of reflection for me as I capture the kiddos get ready for the fourth year in a row and realize how much they have changed and grown, thus asking myself if I really should be taking on 30 weddings a year or should I be cutting back to spend more fleeting time with friends and family. This was a day that I watched my friend enter a new chapter of her life. A very busy stay-at-home mom who now has a few extra hours to herself whether she likes it or not. In the past, Liz and Jeff have both included notes to their kids in these blogs. This year, I’m going to write a quick note to Liz and Jeff.

“To my friends Liz and Jeff,

My heart is so full that I have been able to watch you on this journey of parenthood the last four years. I have watched you raise your kids into caring, intelligent, goofy, confident and charming little humans. You put so much admirable simplicity and love into your life as parents. Thank You for allowing me into your personal life, year after year, to capture images that are some of my proudest work of my career.”

2017: Year Four// Roz: Third Grade, Tess: First Grade, Knox: Pre-School

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  1. Wonderful photos! You are truly talented and I’ve been happy to watch your work over the years. I’m not able to see these kids and family very often; so I really appreciate your photos. Thanks!
    Aunt BJ Fox

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