Moody Mepo Engagement: Mindi + Braden: Mediapolis, Iowa

When you grow up in a small town of only 1500 people, there are bound to be a few love stories that come from it. This story is no different with Mindi and Braden. Although they don’t have a distinct memory of the encounter, they met for the first time on their first day of kindergarten. They were destined to be friends through the next 12 years, and they remained just that. It wasn’t until Mindi’s senior year of college that her eyes and heart started to see Braden in a different light. Through frequent friendly visits to UNI and time spent talking over Skype, Braden was sealing his fate with Mindi. Mindi says that she knew she was falling for him when he unexpectedly sent her flowers for Valentine’s Day. As we all know, the transition from lifetime friends to a relationship can be scary, so it took a few more months before Braden asked Mindi to be his girlfriend on the day she graduated college in May. Today they have been dating for 6 1/2 years.

When it came time to propose, Braden’s most important details were choosing the perfect ring (Which he enlisted the help of Mindi’s sister), getting her Dad’s blessing and having both of their families there to celebrate afterward. Braden made reservations to a new restaurant in Burlington, but before taking her to dinner, he suggested they take a walk along the river as they used to when they first started dating. It was a beautiful night, so Mindi didn’t expect a thing out of the ordinary. Once they walked to a nostalgic area with an incredible view of the river and bridge, Mindi was full of surprise and shock as Braden got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She, of course, said yes and he spun her around to both of their families off in the distance coming towards them. They all celebrated with dinner and drinks.

I suggested to Mindi to take her Engagement session in Mediapolis where they grew up for a few reasons. One, because it always makes it that more special to take them with a history attached to the location and two because I have always wanted to do a shoot in Mediapolis. I love tiny little downtowns with rusty old farm buildings, and I couldn’t wait to get my creative energy flowing. We went for a mixture of Urban and Outdoors. We started in Mediapolis then headed out to Big Hollow stopping along the way to use the country roads that Mindi and Braden have driven down so often listening to music with the windows rolled down. We ended the session with the sun setting over the lake at Big Hollow.

Mindi and Braden are getting married in 2018 with romantic, rustic vision with touches of Navy and Mauve.

Thank You to Mindi and Braden for being so fun, energetic, open-minded and full of love during this session. I can’t wait to see you again soon for the wedding!



Hair + Makeup: Jordan Dziulko

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